Tallest Mountains In California: List Of Highest Mountain Peaks

Tallest Mountains In California

Let’s Look the tallest mountains in california (List Of Top 50 Highest Summits Of California and Top 10 List Of California’s 14,000 Foot Summits (Peaks). California, one of the 50 states making up the US, is the most populous state in the country. Located in the western part of the country, California is bordered by the states of Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona. California is divided into two major regions: Northern California, comprising 48 counties, and Southern California, comprising 10 counties. California Central Valley, which lies in the state’s central region, is the state’s productive agricultural heartland. 

Most of the state is under a Mediterranean climate characterized by cool winters and hot summers. The Northern part of the state experiences more rain than the southern part. The mountain ranges also influence the state’s climate, with the west-facing mountain slopes receiving a lot of rainfall.

List Of Top 50 Highest Summits Of California

RankMountain peakMountain rangeElevationProminenceIsolationLocation
1Mount WhitneySierra Nevada14,505 ft10,080 ft1,646 mi36.5786°N 118.2920°W
2Mount WilliamsonSierra Nevada14,379 ft1,676 ft5.41 mi36.6559°N 118.3111°W
3White Mountain PeakWhite Mountains14,252 ft7,196 ft67.4 mi37.6341°N 118.2557°W
4North PalisadeSierra Nevada14,248 ft2,894 ft32.2 mi37.0943°N 118.5145°W
5Mount ShastaCascade Range14,179 ft9,772 ft335 mi41.4092°N 122.1949°W
6Mount HumphreysSierra Nevada13,992 ft2,563 ft14.71 mi37.2705°N 118.6730°W
7Mount KeithSierra Nevada13,982 ft1,936 ft3.09 mi36.7001°N 118.3436°W
8Mount DarwinSierra Nevada13,837 ft1,891 ft7.13 mi37.1669°N 118.6721°W
9Mount KaweahSierra Nevada13,807 ft2,027 ft10.73 mi36.5261°N 118.4785°W
10Mount MorganSierra Nevada13,758 ft2,648 ft9.86 mi37.4053°N 118.7329°W
11Mount GabbSierra Nevada13,747 ft2,601 ft4.28 mi37.3769°N 118.8025°W
12Mount TomSierra Nevada13,657 ft1,992 ft4.77 mi37.3385°N 118.6570°W
13Mount DuboisWhite Mountains13,565 ft2,339 ft9.63 mi37.7834°N 118.3432°W
14Mount PinchotSierra Nevada13,500 ft2,110 ft4.71 mi36.9473°N 118.4054°W
15Mount RitterSierra Nevada13,149 ft3,990 ft22 mi37.6891°N 119.1996°W
16Red Slate MountainSierra Nevada13,129 ft1,736 ft8.31 mi37.5075°N 118.8693°W
17Mount LyellSierra Nevada13,120 ft1,926 ft5.26 mi37.7394°N 119.2716°W
18Mount DanaSierra Nevada13,063 ft2,437 ft11.4 mi37.8999°N 119.2211°W
19Mount ConnessSierra Nevada12,649 ft2,650 ft7.18 mi37.9670°N 119.3213°W
20Needham MountainSierra Nevada12,545 ft1,840 ft5.93 mi36.4545°N 118.5373°W
21Twin PeaksSierra Nevada12,329 ft2,143 ft4.78 mi38.0836°N 119.3588°W
22Olancha PeakSierra Nevada12,132 ft3,103 ft14.84 mi36.2652°N 118.1182°W
23Eagle PeakSierra Nevada11,853 ft2,358 ft6.16 mi38.1799°N 119.4086°W
24Tower PeakSierra Nevada11,760 ft2,183 ft7.96 mi38.1445°N 119.5477°W
25Mount PattersonSweetwater Mountains11,679 ft4,173 ft18.5 mi38.4366°N 119.3052°W
26San Joaquin MountainSierra Nevada11,608 ft1,706 ft5.1 mi37.7190°N 119.1061°W
27Leavitt PeakSierra Nevada11,573 ft2,069 ft11.28 mi38.2862°N 119.6513°W
28Kern PeakSierra Nevada11,520 ft2,580 ft9.83 mi36.3085°N 118.2879°W
29San Gorgonio MountainSan Bernardino Mountains11,503 ft8,294 ft162.5 mi34.0992°N 116.8249°W
30Sonora PeakSierra Nevada11,464 ft1,816 ft4.75 mi38.3538°N 119.6355°W
31Waucoba MountainInyo Mountains11,128 ft3,943 ft20 mi37.0220°N 118.0078°W
32Glass MountainGlass Mountain Ridge11,128 ft3,210 ft16.16 mi37.7749°N 118.7085°W
33Keynot PeakInyo Mountains11,105 ft3,064 ft17.09 mi36.7076°N 117.9626°W
34Telescope PeakPanamint Range11,043 ft6,188 ft57.2 mi36.1698°N 117.0892°W
35Mammoth MountainSierra Nevada11,036 ft1,680 ft5.09 mi37.6305°N 119.0326°W
36Highland PeakSierra Nevada10,942 ft2,496 ft12 mi38.5437°N 119.7556°W
37Freel PeakSierra Nevada10,886 ft3,146 ft22.9 mi38.8575°N 119.9001°W
38Mount HoffmannSierra Nevada10,855 ft2,310 ft5.74 mi37.8469°N 119.5105°W
39San Jacinto PeakSan Jacinto Mountains10,834 ft8,339 ft20.3 mi33.8147°N 116.6794°W
40Lassen PeakCascade Range10,462 ft5,229 ft71.4 mi40.4882°N 121.5050°W
41Round TopSierra Nevada10,390 ft2,561 ft14.43 mi38.6636°N 120.0010°W
42Mount San AntonioSan Gabriel Mountains10,068 ft6,244 ft42.5 mi34.2891°N 117.6463°W
43Pyramid PeakSierra Nevada9,985 ft2,603 ft12.2 mi38.8450°N 120.1579°W
44Peak 9980Sierra Nevada9,985 ft1,680 ft23.5 mi35.9314°N 118.3311°W
45Sugarloaf MountainSan Bernardino Mountains9,956 ft1,972 ft5.04 mi34.1989°N 116.8146°W
46Eagle PeakWarner Mountains9,895 ft4,362 ft87.4 mi41.2835°N 120.2007°W
47Mount EddyKlamath Mountains9,037 ft5,125 ft14.58 mi41.3196°N 122.4790°W
48Thompson PeakKlamath Mountains8,999 ft3,934 ft37 mi41.0006°N 123.0484°W
49Tin MountainPanamint Range8,961 ft4,013 ft28 mi36.8867°N 117.4560°W
50Mount PinosSan Emigdio Mountains8,847 ft4,800 ft82.9 mi34.8128°N 119.1454°W

What is the Highest Point in California?

The tallest mountain in California is Mount Whitney! It stands at a majestic 14,505 feet (4,421 meters) above sea level, making it not only the highest peak in the state but also the highest peak in the contiguous United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii).

Located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, on the border between Inyo and Tulare counties, Mount Whitney is a popular destination for experienced hikers and climbers. The challenging trails to the summit offer breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

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Top 10 List Of California’s 14,000 Foot Summits (Peaks)

The tallest peaks in california hold their ground, unchanged in their towering ranks. From the regal crown of Mount Whitney at 14,505 feet to the rugged challenge of Tyndall at 14,018 feet, these ten titans continue to dominate the Golden State’s skyline. While their heights remain constant, the stories around them may be evolving.

New trails for intrepid climbers might snake through granite faces, conservation efforts could paint vibrant pictures of protected ecosystems, or improved accessibility might beckon hikers toward breathtaking panoramas. If your heart beats for the call of the mountains, don’t hesitate to ask for specific updates – these Californian giants have many tales yet to unfold.

RankNameHeight (ft)Range
1Mount Whitney14,505 ftSierra Nevada
2Williamson, Mount14,373 ftSierra Nevada
3White Mountain Peak14,246 ftWhite Mountain
4North Palisade14,242 ftSierra Nevada
5Shasta, Mount14,162 ftCascade
6Sill, Mount14,153 ftSierra Nevada
7Russell, Mount14,088 ftSierra Nevada
8Split Mountain14,058 ftSierra Nevada
9Langley, Mount14,026 ftSierra Nevada
10Tyndall, Mount14,018 ftSierra Nevada
Top 10 Tallest Mountains In California

1. Mount Whitney – Highest Peak in California

Tallest Mountains In California
Tallest Mountain In California: Mount Whitney
  • Name: Mount Whitney
  • Height: 14,505 feet
  • Range: Sierra Nevada Range
  • First Ascent Summit Of Mount: August 18, 1873
  • First Climber: Charles Begole, Albert Johnson & John Lucas

Mount Whitney is the highest point in california under the list of top 10 tallest mountains in California, standing at 14,505 feet high. It’s part of the Sierra Nevada Range and sits on the border of Inyo and Tulare counties. The summit is on the Great Basin Divide and Sierra Crest, overlooking Owens Valley. This highest peak has a chilly climate, and near the top, you’ll find only a few plants like the sky pilot. 

In 1864, it got its name from Josiah Whitney, California’s state geologist. Charles Begole and John Lucas were the first to climb it in 1873, initially calling it “Fisherman’s Peak.” Later, in 1891, the U.S. Geological Survey officially named it Mount Whitney. The Mount Whitney Trail is the most popular way to reach the summit, starting from Whitney Portal.

2. Williamson, Mount

Tallest Mountains In California
Williamson, Mount
  • Name: Mount Williamson
  • Height: 14,379 fee
  • Range: Sierra Nevada Range
  • First Ascent: 1884
  • First Climber: W. L. Hunter and C. Mulholland

Mount Williamson is the second-highest peak in California under the list of top 10 of tallest mountains in California, standing at 14,379 feet. It’s also part of the Sierra Nevada Range in the John Muir Wilderness within Inyo National Park. This mountain is about 10 km north of Mount Whitney and is more challenging to access. 

Mount Williamson got its name from Robert Stockton Williamson, who surveyed the Pacific Railroad in California. The first time someone reached the top was in 1884 when W. L. Hunter and Mulholland took the Southeast Slope Route. Nowadays, the usual way to summit Mount Williamson is through the West Side Route, starting from Shepherd’s Pass.

3. White Mountain Peak

Tallest Mountains In California
White Mountain Peak
  • Name: White Mountain Peak
  • Height: 14,252 feet
  • Range: White Mountain range
  • First Ascent: Not Known
  • First Climber: Not Known

The White Mountain Peak is the 3rd highest under the list of top 10 tallest mountains in California, towering at 14,252 feet, is the highest peak in the White Mountain. At its summit, you’ll experience a tundra climate with harsh winters. This peak gets substantial snow, reaching up to 400 cm each year. The area is marked by low moisture, dry air, and strong winds. White Mountain Peak is home to some of the oldest living things, including delicate plants and wildlife. If you plan to hike there, note that access is limited, and there’s a locked gate before Barcroft Station.

4. North Palisade

Tallest Mountains In California
North Palisade
  • Name: North Palisade
  • Height: 14,000 feet
  • Range: Sierra Nevada range
  • First Ascent: July 25, 1903
  • First Climber: James S. Hutchinson, Joseph N. LeConte, James K. Moffitt

The North Palisade is the third-highest mountain in California’s Sierra Nevada range, standing tall at over 14,000 feet, which earns it the title of a fourteener. It holds the highest position among the peaks in the Palisades group, located in the central Sierra range. This mountain features a small glacier called the Palisade Glacier and is well-known for its sought-after rock climbing routes on the northeast side.

Throughout the 19th century, North Palisade went by various names. The Wheeler Survey called it Northwest Palisade in 1878. Lilbourne A. Winchell named it Dusty’s Peak the following year after local rancher Frank Dusy. 

In 1895, Bolton Brown suggested another name, honoring David Starr Jordan. In 2009, U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, with support from U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer, proposed renaming the peak to “Browser Palisade” in tribute to environmentalist David Brower. However, this suggestion faced significant opposition.

5. Shasta, Mount

Tallest Mountains In California
Shasta, Mount
  • Name: Mount Shasta
  • Height: 14,162 feet
  • Range: Cascade Range
  • First Ascent: 1854
  • First Climber: Elias Pearce

Mount Shasta, pronounced SHASS-tə, is a potentially active volcano located at the southern end of the Cascade Range in Siskiyou County, California. Standing at 14,162 feet (4,321.8 meters), it ranks as the second-highest peak in the Cascades and the fifth-highest in the state. With an estimated volume of 85 cubic miles (350 cubic kilometers), Mount Shasta is the most voluminous stratovolcano in the Cascade Volcanic Arc. The mountain and its surrounding area are situated within the Shasta–Trinity National Forest.

Human settlement in the MT Shasta area dates back approximately 7,000 years. At the time of Euro-American contact in the 1820s, various Native American tribes, including the Shasta, Okwanuchu, Modoc, Achomawi, Atsugewi, Karuk, Klamath, Wintu, and Yana, lived within view of the mountain.

While there is a historical mention of a possible eruption in 1786 observed by Lapérouse, this event is disputed. The Smithsonian Institution’s Global Volcanism Program discredits the 1786 eruption, stating that the last confirmed eruption of Mount Shasta occurred around 1250 AD, as evidenced by uncorrected radiocarbon dating.

6. Sill Mount

Tallest Mountains In California
Sill, Mount
  • Name: Mount Sil
  • Height: 14,153 feet
  • Range: Sierra Nevada
  • First Ascent: July 24, 1903
  • First Climber: James S. Hutchinson, Joseph N. LeConte, James Moffitt, Robert Pike

Mount Sill is one of the fourteeners in the Sierra Nevada of California, situated in the Palisades—a group of prominent rock peaks with a few small glaciers. Found 0.6 miles (1 km) east of North Palisade, the highest point in the group, Mount Sill is connected to it by a high, rocky ridge featuring the Palisade Glacier on the north side. Positioned on the main Sierra Crest, Mount Sill marks a distinctive point where the crest sharply turns, offering remarkable summit views.

The surroundings showcase Kings Canyon National Park and Fresno County on one side and the John Muir Wilderness, Inyo National Forest, and Inyo County on the other. Mount Sill boasts routes on all sides, ranging in difficulty from scrambles (class 2-3) to moderately technical rock climbs (class 5.7).

Known as Nen-i-mish, meaning “the Guardian of the Valley,” by the indigenous Northern Paiute people, the mountain received its English name in 1904—Joseph LeConte, a renowned mountaineer, named it after American poet Edward Rowland Sill.

7. Russell Mount

Russell, Mount
Russell, Mount
  • Name: Russell Mount
  • Height: 14,088 feet
  • Range: Sierra Nevada
  • First Ascent: June 24, 1926
  • First Climber: famed Sierra

The Russell Mount (1797 – January 19, 1834) was an important figure in Upper Canada during the early 19th century. He worked as a surveyor and was involved in politics as a Conservative. From 1830 to 1834, he represented Middlesex in the Legislative Assembly of Upper Canada.

Russell Mount was born to Moses Mount and Jane Burtch in Delaware Township, Upper Canada. He learned surveying under Mahlon Burwell and later settled in Delaware Township. He received substantial land grants for his surveying work. During the War of 1812, Mount served in the militia and eventually achieved the rank of lieutenant colonel. Unfortunately, he passed away while still in office in Toronto. His contributions as a surveyor, his role in the military, and his time in politics left a mark on the history of Upper Canada.

8. Split Mountain

Split Mountain
Split Mountain
  • Name: Split Mountain
  • Height: 14,058 feet
  • Range: Sierra Nevada
  • First Ascent: 1887
  • First Climber: Frank Salque and his companions

The Split Mountain is a notable mountain in the Sierra Nevada of California, and it’s classified as a fourteener, meaning it reaches an elevation above 14,000 feet. It’s located near the southeast end of the Palisades group of peaks. The mountain stands at 14,058 feet, making it the eighth-highest peak in California. Interestingly, it is the only fourteener in the watershed of the South Fork Kings River.

The name “Split Mountain” comes from its distinctive double summit, and this name was given by artist and mountaineer Bolton Brown in 1896. While the Wheeler Survey referred to the mountain as Southeast Palisade, and others called it South Palisade, it’s important to note that Split Mountain is not technically part of the Palisade Mountains group to the north.

The first recorded ascent of Split Mountain was in 1887 by Frank Salque and his companions. However, some credit is given to Joseph LeConte, Helen LeConte, and Curtis M. Lindley, who reportedly summited from the westside in 1902.

9. Langley, Mount

Langley, Mount
Langley, Mount
  • Name: Mount Langley
  • Height: 14,026 ft
  • Range: Split Mountain
  • First Ascent: 1864
  • First Climber: William Bellows

Mount Langley is a mountain on the Sierra Nevada crest, marking the border between Inyo and Tulare counties in eastern California, USA. To the east, you’ll find the Owens Valley, and to the west, there’s the Kern River Valley. It ranks as the ninth-highest peak in California and the seventh-highest in the Sierra range. Mount Whitney, the tallest peak in the contiguous United States, is just 4.8 miles (7.7 km) northwest.

Mount Langley is unique for being the southernmost fourteener in the United States. The mountain is named after Samuel Pierpont Langley. In the early 1870s, there was some confusion with Mount Whitney, leading to mixed-up names. Initially called Mount Whitney, it was later known as Mount Corcoran, Cirque Peak, or Sheep Mountain. Eventually, Mount Langley became the recognized name, officially confirmed by the Board on Geographic Names in 1943.

10. Tyndall, Mount

Tyndall, Mount
Tyndall, Mount
  • Name: Mount Tyndall
  • Height: 14,025 feet
  • Range: Sierra Nevada
  • First Ascent: July 6, 1864
  • First Climber: Clarence King and Richard Cotter

Mount Tyndall is the 10th highest peak under the list of top 10 tallest mountains in California stands proudly in the Mount Whitney region of the Sierra Nevada in California, USA. With an elevation of 14,025 feet (4,275 m), it holds the title of the tenth-highest peak in the state. The mountain is named after John Tyndall, an Irish scientist and mountaineer. On July 6, 1864, Mount Tyndall witnessed its first climbers Clarence King and Richard Cotter. 

They were part of the California Geological Survey and were working under the guidance of Josiah Whitney, with field leadership from William Brewer. Interestingly, King and Cotter were on a mission to be the first to climb Mount Whitney. After a long trek from Kings Canyon, they realized months later that they had unintentionally climbed Mount Tyndall instead of Mount Whitney.


What is the highest mountain in California?

Mount Whitney claims the title, standing tall at 14,505 feet.

Is Mount Shasta an active volcano?

Mount Shasta is a potentially active volcano, but its last confirmed eruption was in 1250 AD.

Are there glaciers in the California mountains?

Absolutely! Mountains like the North Palisade host glaciers, with the Palisade Glacier being a notable frozen feature.

Which mountain has a unique double summit?

Split Mountain boasts a distinctive double summit, making it a standout in California’s mountain landscape.

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