Tallest Woman In The World – Rumeysa Gelgi (Height 7 feet)

Tallest Woman In The World

Let’s know about the tallest woman in the world as of 2024. Meet Rumeysa Gelgi, the friendliest giant standing tall at an incredible 7 feet – as high as a giraffe’s neck! Her story is more than just about her height; it’s about facing challenges with a big smile and inspiring others. Rumeysa, with Weaver’s Syndrome, a rare condition, is super tall, but it brings tough obstacles like finding fitting clothes and squeezing through doorways. Despite the challenges, she loves being unique, breaking height records, and championing disability rights.

In terms of height, it’s all in the DNA. Rumeysa Gelgi, Turkey’s tallest woman, is a star, activist, and public speaker with five Guinness World Records titles. In 2021, she became a front-end web developer. Rumeysa is a passionate swimmer and crime novel enthusiast in her free time. Get to know this Guinness World Records 2023 star! Dreams have no limits, no matter your size.

Who Is Rumeysa Gelgi?

Tallest Woman In The World
Tallest Woman In The World

Meet Rumeysa Gelgi, an incredible woman from Turkey who holds the Guinness World Record for being the tallest living woman globally. Born on January 1, 1997, she is an amazing 7 feet 0.7 inches tall. Rumeysa’s life is not just about her height; she has a rare condition called Weaver’s Syndrome, which affects the growth of her bones. Even though being so tall brings challenges, Rumeysa faces them positively and inspires others.

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1. Living With Weaver’s Syndrome

Weaver’s Syndrome has shaped Rumeysa’s life from the beginning. This condition makes her bones grow fast, making her exceptionally tall. But it also brings challenges, like using a wheelchair and dealing with chronic pain and a curved spine.

Despite these challenges, Rumeysa is determined. She finished her education and became a web developer, following her passion for technology.

2. Champion For Disability Rights

Rumeysa uses her fame as the world’s tallest woman to speak up for disability rights and tell people about Weaver’s Syndrome. She challenges how society sees disabilities and encourages everyone to embrace what makes them unique.

She attends conferences and events, sharing her experiences and promoting inclusivity. Rumeysa is a role model, showing that you can overcome any limitations with determination and a positive outlook.

3. More Than A Record

While her height got her into the record books, Rumeysa’s real strength comes from her resilience and inspiring story. She enjoys simple things like swimming and spending time with her family, reminding us to cherish every moment, no matter our challenges.

Rumeysa Gelgi’s story is about facing challenges, inspiring others, and living fully. She is a symbol of hope, showing that the human spirit can adapt, thrive, and positively impact the world.

Rumeysa Gelgi Biography

Real NameRumeysa Gilgi
Place of birthTurkey
Date of birthJan 1, 1997
Age24 year
ProfessionJunior Front-End Developer, Researcher, Advocate
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Tallest Woman’s Biography

Rumeysa Gelgi Announced The Tallest Woman in the World

Tallest Woman In The World
Tallest Woman In The World

Breaking Records At 25: In October 2021, Guinness World Records crowned Rumeysa Gelgi the tallest woman globally. But this wasn’t her first time in the record books. In 2014, Gelgi made history as the world’s tallest living teenager.

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More Than Just Height: Beyond her towering stature, Gelgi boasts additional world records. She’s truly a record-breaker, from the longest fingers and largest hands to the longest back on a living woman.

Challenges And Gratitude: Standing over seven feet tall comes with its challenges. Gelgi openly shares her experiences, including walking difficulties and spinal curvature. Despite the hurdles, she expresses gratitude for who she is, embracing her uniqueness.

Rumeysa Gelgi’s Genetic Condition

Weaver Syndrome Unveiled: Born on January 1, 1997, in Turkey, Gelgi stands out as the first confirmed case of Weaver syndrome in her country. According to the National Organization for Rare Diseases, Weaver’s Syndrome is an exceptionally rare condition, with only 50 reported cases worldwide.

Early Health Challenges: Gelgi faced health challenges from a young age. At just one year old, she underwent open-heart surgery due to congenital heart disease. Two years later, another surgery addressed an umbilical hernia, marking the beginning of her resilient journey.

Triumph Over Adversity: At the age of five, Gelgi overcame a significant hurdle. After five months of physiotherapy, she took her first steps with the support of a walker, showcasing her determination and triumph over early obstacles.

Rumeysa Gelgi Career Journey

Tallest Woman In The World
Tallest Woman In The World

Childhood Aspirations Unveiled: From a young age, Gelgi dreamt of a career in the technology industry. Her childhood dream came true as she delved into the world of web development, beginning her studies in 2020.

Educational Achievements: Gelgi’s commitment to learning is evident in her professional journey. In March 2022, she earned a professional certificate from Harvard University, showcasing her dedication to excellence.

Professional Growth Beyond Academia: Diving into real-world experiences, Gelgi participated in a training and internship program in social media at HHK GmbH, a recruitment agency. Her practical involvement adds a valuable dimension to her skills in the software and technology sectors.

Rumeysa Gelgi’s Exciting First Plane Journey To Fulfill Dream Come True

Tailored Travel Accommodations: Turkish Airlines went the extra mile to make Gelgi’s first plane journey comfortable. They replaced six economy seats with a special stretcher, ensuring her unique needs were met.

Unforgettable Airborne Experience: Gelgi’s 13-hour flight left a lasting impression. Describing it as “flawless,” she expressed gratitude for the incredibly kind and helpful crew members. Her dream of flying above the clouds became a surreal reality.

California Dreams And Career Goals: In California, Gelgi aims to advance her career in web development. Visiting Apple’s Silicon Valley campus was a dream fulfilled, and she looks forward to further personal and professional growth in San Francisco. Already discovering favorite stores, she envisions future adventures like going on a cruise or a road trip across Europe.

Rumeysa Gelgi Face Challenges And Medical Conditions

Tallest Woman In The World
Tallest Woman In The World

Rumeysa Gelgi advocates for medical conditions like Weaver syndrome and scoliosis. Bullied during her childhood due to her height, she now aims to raise awareness about the conditions she lives with. Gelgi, a speaker at a 2020 event by the StraightForward Scoliosis Foundation, shares her journey to inspire and encourage those with visible differences. Her goal is to make them feel comfortable in their skin, letting them know they are not alone in their journey.

Rumeysa Gelgi’s Struggles with Extraordinary Height and Weaver’s Syndrome

Rumeysa Gelgi, recognized as the world’s tallest woman at 7 feet and 0.7 inches, has encountered numerous challenges due to her exceptional height and the rare condition, Weaver’s Syndrome. Here are some of the difficulties she faces:

Physical Challenges:

  • Moving Around: Everyday activities like walking and using public transport can be challenging, often requiring assistance.
  • Health Issues: Weaver’s Syndrome brings not only bone-related challenges but also affects her organs, leading to constant pain, scoliosis, and frequent hospital visits.
  • Independence: Simple tasks such as reaching high shelves or cooking become tough, necessitating reliance on others.

Social Challenges:

  • Prejudice: Rumeysa often experiences stares, comments, and ridicule due to her height.
  • Making Friends: Building social connections can be challenging, given the societal perceptions surrounding her appearance.
  • Accessibility: Many aspects of daily life, from buildings to furniture and clothes, aren’t designed for someone of her height, creating additional obstacles.

Psychological Challenges:

  • Low Self-Esteem: Constant attention and limitations contribute to feelings of decreased confidence.
  • Mental Health: The ongoing challenges may lead to emotional struggles, including anxiety and depression.
  • Acceptance: Feeling different and not completely understood by others emotionally affects Rumeysa, causing fatigue and a sense of isolation.

Updates About Rumeysa Gelgi In 2024

Rumeysa Gelgi, the world’s tallest woman, continues to inspire in 2024. Still standing tall at 215.16 cm (7 ft 0.7 in), she remains a beacon of strength and resilience. Her 2023 documentary, “Rumeysa: Walking Tall,” received positive reviews for its heartwarming portrayal of her life and challenges.

Active on social media, Rumeysa recently welcomed 2024 with a message to her followers. She’s a vocal advocate for disability rights and body positivity, having spoken at the International Women’s Day event in March 2023. A skilled web developer, Rumeysa is exploring career options in this field. We can expect to see even more from this remarkable woman in 2024 and beyond.


Why is Rumeysa Gelgi so tall?

Rumeysa Gelgi has Weaver’s Syndrome, a rare genetic condition that causes her bones to grow exceptionally fast.

What challenges does Rumeysa face due to her height?

Due to her towering height, Rumeysa encounters difficulties in everyday activities like walking, using public transport, and completing simple tasks.

How did Turkish Airlines accommodate Rumeysa during her first plane journey?

Turkish Airlines removed six economy seats and replaced them with a special stretcher for Rumeysa’s comfort during her flight.

What is Rumeysa’s career background?

Rumeysa pursued a career in web development, earning a professional certificate from Harvard University in March 2022 and participating in a social media training program.

Why does Rumeysa advocate for medical conditions?

Rumeysa, who faced bullying in her childhood due to her height, advocates raising awareness about conditions like Weaver syndrome and scoliosis, aiming to inspire and encourage others with visible differences.

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