Tallest Person In The World In 2024 – Sultan Kösen 251 cm

Sultan Kösen is the tallest person in the world as of 2024, known for being incredibly tall, even getting into the Guinness World Records. His height, 251 centimeters (8 feet 2 7/8 inches), makes him the tallest living man. But life wasn’t easy because of his height. He faced tough times, including health issues and struggles with everyday things like clothes and cars.

However, Sultan’s story isn’t just about challenges. He found love and even got into Hollywood after stopping his growth with special treatment. Let’s discuss more about him.

Who Is The Tallest Person In The World In 2024?

Sultan Kösen holds the Guinness World Record for the tallest man alive in the world. He stands at an impressive height of 251 centimeters (8 feet 2 7/8 inches). He belongs to Mardin, Turkey, was born on December 10, 1982, and works as a farmer there.

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Sultan Kosen Biography

Real NameSultan Kosen
Height251 centimeters (8 feet 2 7/8 inches)
Day Of BirthFriday
Date Of BirthDec 10, 1982
Place Of BirthMardin, Turkey
Sultan Kosen Net Worth$1 to 5 Million
Source Of IncomeTurkish Farmar
Tallest Person In The World Biography

Sultan Kösen is a tall man from Turkey. He had some good things and some hard things because of his height. He couldn’t finish school but could do tasks like changing light bulbs easily because of his long arms. But finding clothes and fitting into cars was tough.

In 2010, he got treatment for a problem that made him grow too much. He stopped growing and could hope for a normal life. He got married in 2013 but later got divorced because of language differences.

Once, he met the world’s shortest man, which showed how different they were. He even joined a circus to show lots of people how big he is.

Now he’s 40 and still happy. He celebrated his birthday by standing next to a statue of the tallest man ever. His story teaches us to be strong and happy despite hard times. He shows that it’s good to be yourself, no matter what makes you different.

Sultan Kösen Records

Tallest Person In The World
Tallest Person In The World

Sultan Kösen became the tallest man in the world in 2009, measuring 246.4 cm tall. He beat the previous record holder, Bao Xishun. Kösen also had really big hands (27.5 cm) and feet (36.5 cm and 35.5 cm).

But there was more to his height story. In 2010, doctors thought he might be even taller, around 254.3 cm, but they said his posture and back curve made him look shorter.

Guinness World Records rechecked his height in 2011. They found he was 251 cm tall, confirming him to be the tallest man. Also, his hands had grown bigger to 28 cm. So, Kösen’s official height is 251 cm, making him the tallest living man, and his hands are huge.

Marriage (Sultan Kosen Wife)

Tallest Person In The World
Tallest Person In The World

Sultan met Merve through a friend. Merve is shorter, just 5 feet 9 inches tall, and from Syria. They got married two months after meeting. Their wedding had 1,500 guests and was celebrated big. They went back to their special home in Sultan’s village. They want to have kids and raise them there in the future.

What He Is Doing Now?

Tallest Person In The World

Sultan Kösen is famous worldwide for being extremely tall. After getting treatment to stop growing, he got invited to act in Hollywood. His first movie was in 2016 called “Achieving the Impossible.”

Since becoming a Guinness World Records holder, Sultan has achieved many of his dreams. He got the important treatment, left farming for Hollywood, and found love. His story keeps inspiring people all over the world.

Latest Update About Sultan Kösen As Of 2024

According to the Guinness World Records, he’s still the tallest person in the world, standing at an amazing 251 cm (8 ft 2.8 in). Kösen has held this record since 2011. Even with medical help to halt his growth, his remarkable height still surprises people globally. Kösen keeps everyone updated about his life on Instagram (@sultankosen47), sharing pictures and videos of his daily life, trips, and how he connects with fans.

Who Is The Tallest Man In History?

Tallest Man In History
Tallest Man In History

The tallest man ever was Robert Wadlow, who was 8 feet 11.1 inches tall. He was born on February 22, 1918. He grew tall because of a problem with his pituitary gland. At just 5 years old, he was already 5 feet 4 inches tall. When he turned 8, he was almost 6 feet tall.

Wadlow had the biggest feet and hands ever recorded. His feet were 18.5 inches long, and his hands were 12.7 inches from his wrist to the tip of his middle finger. Sadly, he passed away at 22 years old because of an infection on July 15, 1940.


Who is the tallest person in the world right now?

Sultan Kösen from Turkey is the tallest person alive today in 2024, standing at a huge height of 251 centimeters (8 feet 2 7/8 inches).

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