Tallest Mountain In Africa Kilimanjaro Africa’s Highest Peaks List

Tallest Mountain In Africa

Let’s look the tallest mountain in Africa and a wide list of 90 africa’s highest mountain peaks; A giant mountain in Africa so tall it touches the sky, its highest peak covered in sparkling snow. That’s Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa and the tallest freestanding mountain in the world. The “Roof of Africa” stands at an amazing 19,341 feet (5,895 meters), calling adventurers and nature lovers to explore its wonders.

Africa’s tallest mountain, Kilimanjaro, Learn its history, from how it formed to the stories it holds. Discover why it’s special, its role in cultures, and the challenges it faces. Join us on a simple journey to understand and appreciate Kilimanjaro’s beauty and importance and also know about all the tallest mountains in africa.

The Story Of Mount Kilimanjaro

Tallest Mountain In Africa
Tallest Mountain In Africa: Mount Kilimanjaro

A long time ago, powerful forces under the ground made Kilimanjaro. Kibo is the youngest and the tallest one. The mountain’s sides were formed by volcanoes erupting, and now, icy glaciers on Kibo tell us about its hot and fiery history.

Kilimanjaro’s Tallest Free-Standing Birth: Kilimanjaro was born millions of years ago because of strong powers beneath the ground. These forces shaped the mountain, creating three parts known as Kibo, Mawenzi, and Shira.

Kibo: Among Kilimanjaro’s three parts, Kibo is the newest and the tallest. Hot volcanic eruptions formed the mountain’s sides. Even now, icy glaciers on Kibo show us that there’s a history of fire and heat beneath its cool surface.

Mawenzi And Shira: Mawenzi is another part of Kilimanjaro, and even though it’s not active anymore, it adds to the mountain’s story. Shira is the oldest sibling, and it’s the smallest. Together with Kibo, they make up the trio of cones that make Kilimanjaro unique.

Glacial Reminders Mount Meru: Kilimanjaro’s top, especially on Kibo, is covered in icy glaciers. These are like frozen memories from when the mountain was shaped by hot volcanic action.

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Geology And Geography Of Highest Mountain In Africa

Tallest Mountain In Africa
Tallest Mountain In Africa

Kilimanjaro is like a team of three volcanoes. The tallest and newest one is called Kibo, with the highest point in Africa, Uhuru  highest Peak, on its rim. The second tallest, Mawenzi, is no longer active, and the oldest and shortest one is called Shira.

Kilimanjaro’s Three Volcanic Cones: Kilimanjaro is made up of three big parts, like three giant hills. These are called volcanic cones. One is the tallest and newest, called Kibo. The second is Mawenzi, and the third is Shira. They all together form Kilimanjaro.

Uhuru Peak(Highest Point): Kibo is the tallest part of Kilimanjaro. On the top edge of Kibo is Uhuru Peak. It is the highest spot in Africa, like the king of all the mountains on the continent.

Mawenzi And Shira: Mawenzi is the second tallest cone, but it doesn’t do anything now. Shira is the oldest and smallest. These two, along with Kibo, make up Kilimanjaro. They each have their own story in the mountain family.

Life On This Mountain

Life on Kilimanjaro is like a big adventure. At the bottom, in the rainforest, lively monkeys are swinging around, chameleons are changing colors, and cool birds are singing. As you climb higher, you’ll see meadows with pretty flowers and strange-looking lobelias. Each level has its own story and creatures. Finally, it’s a different world at the icy top, quiet and cold. Kilimanjaro is not just a mountain; it’s home to various life, from the playful to the resilient.

Climbing Fun: Kilimanjaro is like a big playground for people who love climbing. The paths take you through valleys, rocky areas, and even icy parts. It’s not just about being strong; it’s also a journey that changes you and makes you feel close to nature.

More Than A Mountain: For the Chagga people who live around Kilimanjaro, the mountain is special. They have traditions, stories, and celebrations connected to it. The soil around the mountain is super good for growing things, so they have farms there, too.

Glaciers And Climate Change Of Tallest Mount Baker

Tallest Mountain In Africa
Mount Kilimanjaro

Unfortunately, Kilimanjaro’s big ice blankets are going away quickly because of climate change. More than 85% of the ice has disappeared since 1912; scientists think it might all be gone by 2040 or 2060. This is a big problem because it affects the environment around Kilimanjaro and the water we get from there. The ice melting is changing things, and we need to pay attention to help protect this special place.

Protecting Tallest Mount Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro, Africa’s amazing mountain, faces more than just icy problems. When many people visit, it can cause issues. Littering, cutting down too many trees, and not throwing away trash properly can make the place messy and hurt animals. To keep Kilimanjaro safe, we need to take care of it.

We can do this by being good tourists, like throwing our trash in the right place and choosing companies that care about nature. Everyone, including visitors and visitors, should know how special Kilimanjaro is and help protect it. Kilimanjaro can stay wonderful for a long, long time if we all work together.

Challenges Facing Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro is facing problems like the melting of its icy top due to climate change, and actions by people around the mountain can harm its nature. We must be cautious and work together to safeguard Kilimanjaro.

Melting Ice On Kilimanjaro: The ice on Kilimanjaro is disappearing fast because of something called climate change. More than 85% of the sea level of the ice has melted since a long time ago in 1912. This is not good news because it’s causing a big issue.

Time is Running Out: Scientists say all the ice on Kilimanjaro might be completely gone by 2040 or even 2060. That’s pretty close and a serious problem for the mount meru and everything around it.

The Big Impact: When the ice melts, it’s not just the rwenzori mountain that feels it. The land around Kilimanjaro and the water there are also greatly affected. It’s like a chain reaction, and many things are changing.

What We Can Do: Even though it’s a big problem, there are things we can do to help. We need to take care of our planet and stop things that cause climate change. It’s important for Kilimanjaro and all the places on Earth.

Some people are already taking action to tackle Kilimanjaro’s challenges. Smart tourists, tree planters, and community partners are working to keep Kilimanjaro safe. Their efforts show that simple actions can make a big difference.

Extra Cool Facts:

  • The name Kilimanjaro probably means “mountain” in the Chagga language.
  • Kilimanjaro is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because it’s super special.
  • Around 30,000 people try to climb Kilimanjaro every year.
  • It can get cold at the top, so climbers need warm clothes.
  • Kilimanjaro is home to cool animals like the Kilimanjaro tree frog and Decken’s swift.

So, next time you look at a map of Africa, find Kilimanjaro and remember the awesome stories it has to tell. It’s not just a mountain; it’s a giant, a symbol, and a reminder of the incredible things we have on our planet.

List Of Highest Mountains In Africa

Look the majestic heights of Africa with this comprehensive table featuring the top 98 tallest mountains on the continent. From the iconic peaks of Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya to the lesser-known wonders like Amba Farit and Teide, this table provides a snapshot of each mountain’s rank, name, range, height, country, and first ascent. T diverse landscapes, from the Virunga Mountains to the Semien and Rwenzori ranges, and discover the rich tapestry of Africa’s awe-inspiring summits.

RankNameRangeHeight (m)CountryFirst Ascent
1Kibo (Uhuru Pk)Kilimanjaro5895Tanzania1889
2Mount Kenya (Batian)Mount Kenya5199Kenya1899
3Mount Kenya (Nelion)Mount Kenya5188Kenya1929
4Mawenzi (Hans Meyer Pk)Kilimanjaro5148Tanzania1912
5Ngaliema / Mt Stanley (Margherita Pk)Rwenzori5109DR Congo, Uganda1906
6Mount Kenya (Lenana)Mount Kenya4985Kenya1899
7Ngaliema / Mt Stanley (Savoia Pk)Rwenzori4977Uganda1906
8Duwoni / Mt Speke (Vittorio Emanuele Pk)Rwenzori4890Uganda1906
9Kiyanja / Mt Baker (Edward Pk)Rwenzori4844Uganda1906
10Mount Emin (Umberto Pk)Rwenzori4798DR Congo1906
11Mount Gessi (Iolanda Pk)Rwenzori4715Uganda1906
12Mount Luigi di Savoia (Sella Pk)Rwenzori4627Uganda1906
13Mount Meru (Socialist Pk)Mount Meru4566Tanzania1904
14Ras DashenSemien Mountains4550Ethiopia1841
15KarisimbiVirunga Mountains4507DR Congo, Rwanda1903
16Ancua / Ankwa / WeynobarSemien Mountains4462Ethiopia
17Kidis YaredSemien Mountains4453Ethiopia
18MikenoVirunga Mountains4437DR Congo1927
19BwahitSemien Mountains4437Ethiopia
20Portal Peaks (Kihuma)Rwenzori4391Uganda1945
21Tullu DemtuBale Mountains4377Ethiopia
22Mount Elgon (Wagagai)Mount Elgon4321Uganda, Kenya1911
23Mount Elgon (Sudek)Mount Elgon4302Kenya, Uganda
24Amba FaritKollo Massif4270Ethiopia
25Abune Yosef / Guliba AmbaLasta Massif4260Ethiopia
26Ioll / YollKollo Massif4220Ethiopia
27BadaArsi Mountains4195Ethiopia
28Kaka / Kecha / ChiqeArsi Mountains4193Ethiopia
29Jbel ToubkalToubkal Atlas4167Morocco1923
30MuhavuraVirunga Mountains4127Rwanda, Uganda1898
31Hey / HaySemien Mountains4125Ethiopia
32GunaGuna Massif4120Ethiopia
33Choqa / Choke / BirhanChoqa Mountains4100Ethiopia
34OuanoukrimToubkal Atlas4088Morocco
35ChilaloArsi Mountains4071Ethiopia
36InatyeSemien Mountains4070Ethiopia
37Ighil MgounCentral High Atlas4068Morocco
38Mount CameroonCameroon line4040Cameroon1861
39Weshema / Wasema?Bale Mountains4030Ethiopia
41Oldoinyo LesatimaAberdare Range4001Kenya
42Jebel n’Tarourt / Tifnout / IferouaneToubkal Atlas4001Morocco
43MuggiaLasta Massif3950Ethiopia
44DubbaiTigray Mountains3941Ethiopia
45Taska n’ZatToubkal Atlas3912Morocco
46AksouâlToubkal Atlas3903Morocco
47Mount KinangopAberdare Range3902Kenya
48CimbiaKollo Massif3900Ethiopia
49Anrhemer / IngehmarToubkal Atlas3892Morocco
50Ieciuol ?Kollo Massif3840Ethiopia
51Kawa / Caua / LajoBale Mountains3830Ethiopia
52Pt 3820Kollo Massif3820Ethiopia
53Jbel TignoustiCentral High Atlas3819Morocco
54Filfo / EncuoloArsi Mountains3805Ethiopia
55Kosso AmbaLasta Massif3805Ethiopia
56Jbel GhatCentral High Atlas3781Morocco
57Baylamtu / GavsigivlaLasta Massif3777Ethiopia
58OuaougoulzatCentral High Atlas3763Morocco
59SomkaruBale Mountains3760Ethiopia
60AbieriSemien Mountains3750Ethiopia
61Arin AyachiEast High Atlas3747Morocco
62TeideTenerife3718Spain (Canary Islands)
63Visoke / BisokeVirunga Mountains3711DR Congo, Rwanda1908
64SarengaTigray Mountains3700Ethiopia
65Woti / UotiEastern Escarpment3700Ethiopia
66Pt 3700 (Kulsa?)Arsi Mountains3700Ethiopia
67Mount LoolmalassinCrater Highlands3682Tanzania
68Biala?Lasta Massif3680Ethiopia
69Azurki / AzourkiCentral High Atlas3677Morocco
70Pt 3645Lasta Massif3645Ethiopia
71SabyinyoVirunga Mountains3634Rwanda, DR Congo, Uganda1907
72Mount Gurage / GuragheGurage Mountains3620Ethiopia
73AngourToubkal Atlas3616Morocco
74Jbel IgdatWest High Atlas3615Morocco1888
75Jbel n’AnghomarCentral High Atlas3609Morocco
76Yegura / Amba MokaLasta Massif3605Ethiopia
77Pt 3600 (Kitir?)Eastern Escarpment3600Ethiopia
78Pt 3600Lasta Massif3600Ethiopia
79Bar Meda high pointEastern Escarpment3580Ethiopia
80Jbel ErdouzWest High Atlas3579Morocco
81Mount GuguMount Gugu3570Ethiopia
82Gesh Megal (?)Gurage Mountains3570Ethiopia
83GugheBalta Mountains3568Ethiopia
84MegezezEastern Escarpment3565Ethiopia
85Pt 3555Lasta Massif3555Ethiopia
86Jbel TinergwetWest High Atlas3551Morocco
87Amba AlagiTigray Mountains3550Ethiopia
88Chemnirot (Kamelogon Pk)Cherangani Hills3530Kenya
89Gara Guda /Kara GadaSalale Mountains3530Ethiopia
90AmonewasChoqa Mountains3530Ethiopia
Highest Mountain Peaks In Africa


Which one is the highest mountain in Africa?

Mount Kilimanjaro is in Tanzania, and it’s the highest mountain in Africa, standing tall at 5,895 meters (19,340 feet).

Why is Mount Kilimanjaro so famous?

Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s tallest mountain, is part of the seven summits. These include the highest peaks on each continent. Kilimanjaro is a favorite among hikers, both experienced and new, as it’s seen as the easiest of the seven summits to conquer.

How many kills in Kilimanjaro?

Every year, more than 30,000 people try to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. However, there is a recorded number of 3 to 10 fatalities annually during these attempts.

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