Tallest Mountains In The World

Tallest Mountains In The World

Let’s talk about the tallest mountains in the world. Here is the great list of 93 highest mountains worldwide including all the regions like Nepal, China, India, Pakistan and other. In this article we’ll provide a brief table guide on tallest mountains in the world with their rank, names, impressive heights, ranges and locations.

List of Tallest Mountains in the World

1Mount Everest8,849 mMahalangur HimalayaNepal and China
2K28,611 mBaltoro KarakoramPakistan, and China
3Kangchenjunga8,586 mKangchenjunga HimalayaNepal and India
4Lhotse8,516 mMahalangur HimalayaChina and Nepal
5Makalu8,485 mMahalangur HimalayaChina and Nepal
6Cho Oyu8,188 mMahalangur HimalayaChina and Nepal
7Dhaulagiri I8,167 mDhaulagiri HimalayaNepal
8Manaslu8,163 mManaslu HimalayaNepal
9Nanga Parbat8,126 mNanga Parbat HimalayaPakistan
10Annapurna I8,091 mAnnapurna HimalayaNepal
11Gasherbrum I8,080 mBaltoro KarakoramPakistan and China
12Broad Peak8,051 mBaltoro KarakoramPakistan and China
13Gasherbrum II8,035 mBaltoro KarakoramPakistan and China
14Shishapangma8,027 mJugal HimalayaChina
15Gyachung Kang7,980 mMahalangur HimalayaNepal and China
16Gasherbrum III7,970 mBaltoro KarakoramPakistan and China
17Annapurna II7,940 mAnnapurna HimalayaNepal
18Gasherbrum IV7,924 mBaltoro KarakoramPakistan
19Himalchuli7,893 mManaslu HimalayaNepal
20Distaghil Sar7,884 mHispar KarakoramPakistan
21Ngadi Chuli7,871 mManaslu HimalayaNepal
22Nuptse7,864 mLothseNepal
23Khunyang Chhish7,823 mDishtigril SarPakistan
24Masherbrum (K1)7,821 mGasherbrumPakistan
25Nanda Devi7,816 mGarhwal HimalayaIndia
26Chomo Lonzo7,804 mMahalangur HimalayaChina
27Batura Sar7,795 mBatura KarakoramPakistan
28Rakaposhi7,788 mRakaposhi-Haramosh KarakoramPakistan
29Namcha Barwa7,782 mAssam HimalayaChina
30Kanjut Sar7,760 mHispar KarakoramPakistan
31Kamet7,756 mGarhwal HimalayaIndia
32Dhaulagiri II7,751 mDhaulagiri HimalayaNepal
33Saltoro Kangri (K10)7,742 mSaltoro Karakoram Pakistan and India
34Kumbhakarna (Jannu)7,711 mKangchenjunga HimalayaNepal
35Tirich Mir7,708 mHindu Kush,Pakistan
36Molamenqing7,703 mLangtang Himalaya China
37Gurla Mandhata7,694 mNalakankar Himalaya, China
38Saser Kangri I (K22)7,672 mSaser KarakoramIndia
39Chogolisa7,665 mMasherbrum KarakoramPakistan
40Dhaulagiri IV7,661 mDhaulagiri HimalayaNepal
41Kongur Tagh7,649 mKongur Shan (Eastern Pamirs)China
42Dhaulagiri V7,618 mDhaulagiri HimalayaNepal
43Shispare7,611 mBatura KarakoramPakistan
44Trivor7,577 mHispar KarakoramPakistan
45Gangkhar Puensum7,570 mKula Kangri HimalayaBhutan and China
46Gongga Shan (Minya Konka)7,556 mDaxue Mountains (Hengduan Shan)China
47Annapurna III7,555 mAnnapurna HimalayaNepal
48Skyang Kangri7,545 mBaltoro Karakoram Pakistan and China
49Changtse7,543 mMahalangur Himalaya China
50Kula Kangri7,538 mKula Kangri HimalayaChina and Bhutan
51Kongur Tiube7,530 mKongur Shan (Eastern Pamirs) China
52Annapurna IV7,525 mAnnapurnaNepal
53Mamostong Kangri7,516 mRimo KarakoramIndia
54Saser Kangri II E7,513 mSaser KarakoramIndia
55Muztagh Ata7,509 mSaser Kangri IIndia
56Ismoil Somoni Peak7,495 m Muztagh AtaTajikistan
57Saser Kangri III7,495 mSaser KarakoramIndia
58Noshaq7,492 mHindu KushAfghanistan, Pakistan
59Pumari Chhish7,492 mHispar KarakoramPakistan
60Passu Sar7,476 mBatura KarakoramPakistan
61Yukshin Gardan Sar7,469mHispar KarakoramPakistan
62Teram Kangri I7,462 mSiachen KarakoramChina, India
63Jongsong Peak7,462 mKangchenjunga HimalayaIndia, China, Nepal
64Malubiting7,458 mRakaposhi-Haramosh KarakoramPakistan
65Gangapurna7,455 mAnnapurna HimalayaNepal
66Jengish Chokusu (Tömür or Pik Pobedy)7,439 mTian ShanKyrgyzstan, China
67Sananda Devi7,434 mGarhwal HimalayaIndia
68K127,428 mSaltoro KarakoramPakistan, India
69Yangra (Ganesh I)7,422 mGanesh HimalayaChina, Nepal
70Sia Kangri7,422 mSiachen KarakoramPakistan, China
71Momhil Sar7,414 mHispar KarakoramPakistan
72Kabru N7,412 mKangchenjunga HimalayaIndia, Nepal
73Skil Brum7,410 mBaltoro KarakoramPakistan
74Haramosh Peak7,409 mRakaposhi-Haramosh KarakoramPakistan
75Istor-o-Nal7,403 mHindu Kush, Pakistan
76Ghent Kangri7,401 mSaltoro Karakoram, Pakistan, India
77Ultar7,388 mBatura Karakoram, Pakistan
78Rimo I7,385 mRimo KarakoramIndia
79Churen Himal7,385 mDhaulagiri HimalayaNepal
80Teram Kangri III7,382 mSiachen KarakoramIndia, China
81Sherpi Kangri7,380 mSaltoro KarakoramPakistan
82Labuche Kang7,367 mLabuche HimalayaChina
63Kirat Chuli7,362 mKangchenjunga HimalayaNepal, India
84Abi Gamin7,355 m Garhwal HimalayaIndia, china
85Gimmigila Chuli, The Twins7,350 mKangchenjunga HimalayaIndia, Nepal
86Nangpai Gosum7,350 mMahalangarhIndia, China
87Saraghrar7,349 mHindu KushPakistan
88Talung7,349 mKangchenjunga HimalayaNepal, India
89Jomolhari (Chomo Lhari)7,326 mJomolhari HimalayaBhutan, China
90Chamlang7,321 mMahalangur HimalayaNepal
91Chongtar7,315 mBaltoro KarakoramChina
92Baltoro Kangri7,312 mMasherbrum KrakrumPakistan
93Siguang Ri7,309 mMahalangur HimalayaChina
Tallest Mountains In The World

So, these are the highest mountain peaks on earth including their names, ranks, heights, ranges and location. If you found any mistake in the article let us know to solve it.


What is the tallest mountain in the world?

With a height of 8849 m the Mount Everest peak is the heighest mountain peak in the world.

Is K2 taller the Everest?

No, K2 is marked as the second highest peak in the world with a height of 8611 m.

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