Top 10 QBs of All Time In History (NFL Greatest Quarterbacks)

Top 10 QBs of All Time
Top 10 QBs of All Time

Let’s explore the top 10 QBs of all time. These players showed extraordinary skills, leading their teams to victories and earning a special place in the history of the game. From iconic names like Joe Montana to modern heroes like Patrick Mahomes, each quarterback on this list has left an indelible mark on the sport. Join us as we journey through the accomplishments and greatness of these remarkable quarterbacks.

List of Top 10 QBs of All Time

1Tom BradyPatriots, BuccaneersRecord for most Super Bowl wins (7)
2Joe Montana49ers“Joe Cool” won four Super Bowls, three-time Super Bowl MVP
3Peyton ManningColts, BroncosKnown as “The Sheriff,” retired with numerous NFL records
4Johnny UnitasColts, ChargersLed teams to four championships, three-time MVP
5Otto GrahamBrownsDominated in the 1940s and 50s, precise and smart player
6Brett FavreFalcons, Packers, Jets, Vikings20-year career, known for strong arm and never-give-up attitude
7Dan MarinoDolphinsThrew for over 5,000 yards in a season, impressive records
8Terry BradshawSteelers“The Blonde Bomber,” powerful arm, led Steelers to four Super Bowls
9Roger StaubachCowboys“Captain Comeback,” led Cowboys to two Super Bowl victories
10John ElwayBroncos“The Duke,” guided Broncos to two Super Bowl victories
Top 10 QBs of All Time

1. Tom Brady

Top 10 QBs of All Time
Tom Brady

The Tom Brady is a football legend. He played for the New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers for 22 seasons, winning a record seven Super Bowls. That’s more than any other player in NFL history. He was known for his accuracy, intelligence, and clutch performances in big games. He’s retired now but is still considered one of the greatest athletes of all time.

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2. Joe Montana

Top 10 QBs of All Time
Joe Montana

The Joe Montana, also called “Joe Cool” and “The Comeback Kid,” was a fantastic quarterback. He played for the San Francisco 49ers for most of his career and won four Super Bowls. Joe earned the Super Bowl MVP title three times. He was famous for staying calm under pressure, making crucial throws, and orchestrating incredible comebacks in the last moments of games. Despite retiring in 1994, Joe Montana is still considered one of the best quarterbacks ever and a true football legend.

3. Peyton Manning

Top 10 QBs of All Time
Peyton Manning

The Peyton Manning, known as “The Sheriff,” was a quarterback genius. He played for the Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos for 18 seasons, throwing passes exceptionally well. Manning led his teams to two Super Bowl wins and earned the Super Bowl MVP once. Even though he retired in 2016, Peyton’s impact remains. He’s in the Hall of Fame, holds numerous NFL records, and now enjoys a successful career as a humorous TV host.

4. Johnny Unitas

Top 10 QBs of All Time
Johnny Unitas

The Johnny Unitas, also called “Johnny U” and “The Golden Arm,” was an amazing quarterback. He played for the Baltimore Colts and San Diego Chargers for 18 seasons, throwing powerful passes. Johnny led his teams to four championship titles, including one Super Bowl, and was named Most Valuable Player three times. Even though he retired in 1973, Johnny Unitas is still considered one of the greatest quarterbacks ever.

5. Otto Graham

Top 10 QBs of All Time
Otto Graham

The Otto Graham, also called “Automatic Otto,” was a wizard-like quarterback who led the Cleveland Browns to dominance in the 1940s and 50s. Picture a super-precise throwing machine, always hitting the target and guiding his team to victory—that was Otto. He wasn’t just about winning; he played smart. Mastering the “T formation” offense, Otto made quick decisions and throws that left defenders behind. Even though he retired in 1955, Otto Graham is remembered as one of the greatest quarterbacks ever.

6. Brett Favre

Top 10 QBs of All Time
Brett Favre

The Brett Favre, nicknamed “The Comeback Kid,” was a formidable force on the field. Playing for the Atlanta Falcons, Green Bay Packers, New York Jets, and Minnesota Vikings in an impressive 20-year career, he was known for his strong arm, gunslinger mentality, and never-give-up attitude. His passionate and emotional playing style inspired both teammates and fans alike.

7. Dan Marino

Dan Marino
Dan Marino

The Dan Marino, known as the “Slingin’ Sammy” of South Florida, was a quarterback wizard for the Miami Dolphins, throwing passes for 17 seasons. Picture a human with a laser cannon, firing precise spirals with unmatched accuracy and power—that was Dan. Although he didn’t grab a Super Bowl ring, he stacked up impressive records. Dan holds the NFL record for most passing yards in a season (5,084), a feat standing for over 25 years.

8. Terry Bradshaw

Terry Bradshaw
Terry Bradshaw

The Terry Bradshaw, also called “The Blonde Bomber,” was a gunslinging quarterback who guided the Pittsburgh Steelers to four Super Bowl victories in the 1970s. Picture a big-haired Texan with a powerful arm throwing passes like footballs were watermelons—that was Terry. While not always the most accurate passer, his strong arm could launch powerful throws, and his competitive spirit was unmatched.

9. Roger Staubach

Roger Staubach
Roger Staubach

The Roger Staubach, nicknamed “Captain Comeback” for his amazing ability to lead his team to victory in the closing minutes, was a legendary quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys for 11 seasons. Staubach guided the Cowboys to two Super Bowl victories, including Super Bowl VI, where he earned the Super Bowl MVP title. He also led them to five NFC Championship games, showing his consistency and playoff-winning skills. Beyond his on-field success, Roger was a true leader and role model, known for sportsmanship and integrity.

10. John Elway

John Elway
John Elway

The John Elway, known as the “Duke” of Denver, was a gunslinging quarterback who guided the Denver Broncos to two Super Bowl victories in the 1990s. Picture a tough, competitive cowboy with a strong arm and a fierce desire for victory—that was John. Elway’s journey wasn’t easy; drafted by the Baltimore Colts, he engineered a trade to Denver, where he became the face of the franchise. In his 16-year career, he led the Broncos to five Super Bowl appearances.

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