Top 10 Cryptocurrency January 2024 – Price & Market Cap

Are you worry about which crypto to buy, So come and find to the best crypto to buy now! Let’s look the today’s Top 10 cryptocurrency as of 2024. Discovering the world of cryptocurrencies can be both exciting and daunting. The crypto market, led by top players like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tather, Solana, Binance Coin, XRP, USD Coin and others, has witnessed staggering growth and innovation. Exploring these digital currencies, from the foundational Bitcoin to the meme-inspired Dogecoin, provides insight into their features, values, and impact on the evolving landscape of finance and technology.

Top 10 Cryptocurrency in 2024

RankNameCurrent PriceCoin Market Cap
1Bitcoin (Top Cryptocurrency)$43,781(Bitcoin Price)$846,378,498,255
4Solana $98 $48,321,316,936
5Binance Coin$265 $40,274,513,998
6XRP$0.57 $33,351,642,939
7USD Coin$1.0 $25,083,530,396
8Cardano$0.53 $21,352,000,443
Today Top 10 Cryptocurrency In 2024

1. Bitcoin (Best Crypto)

Top 10 Cryptocurrency

The Bitcoin is the best crypto to invest in. The Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. It is now the most popular cryptocurrency as of 2024. It works using a system called blockchain, where records of transactions are stored on lots of computers. To keep it safe, these transactions are checked through solving puzzles. Many people know about Bitcoin now, and its price has increased. It’s today BTC price is around $43,828 for just one Bitcoin with Market Cap of $846,378,498,255.

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2. Ethereum

Top 10 Cryptocurrency

The Ethereum coin is not just a cryptocurrency; it’s also a platform for making new things. People like it because it can make smart contracts that work by themselves when certain things happen, and it’s used for NFTs.Ethereum’s price went up a lot, too. The current price of One Ethereum price is around $2,240 with a Market Cap of $274,251,634,790

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3. Tether

Top 10 Cryptocurrency

The Tether coin (USDT) is a special kind of cryptocurrency “stablecoin.” A regular currency like U.S. dollars and Euros. It aim to always stay at the same value as those currencies. It makes it less likely to change in value compared to other cryptocurrencies. People worry about the big ups and downs of other coins like Tether. The current price for One Tether price is $1.0 with a Market Cap of $91,284,206,566.

4. Solana 

Top 10 Cryptocurrency

The Solana coin has made for decentralized finance, apps, and smart contracts. It works in a special way using proof-of-stake and proof-of-history to handle transactions fast and safely. SOL is the special token for Solana. The current price for One Solana price is around $98 with a Market Cap of $48,321,316,936.

5. Binance Coin

Top 10 Cryptocurrency
Binance Coin

The Binance Coin (BNB) is a cryptocurrency, first useing for trading and paying fees on Binance, a big crypto trading place. It started in 2017 and has grown a lot since then. Besides trading, people now use it to pay for things like travel. You can also swap it for other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or Bitcoin. The current price of One BNBC price is around $265 with a Market Cap of $40,274,513,998.

6. XRP

Top 10 Cryptocurrency

The XRP coin is a digital currency like Ripple, made by some of the same people. It helps trade different types of money, like regular money and other cryptocurrencies, on the Ripple network. The current price for One XRP price is $0.57 with a Market Cap of $33,351,642,939.

7. USD Coin

USD Coin
USD Coin

The USD Coin (USDC) is a stable cryptocurrency tied to the value of the U.S. dollar. Supported by Ethereum, it ensures a 1:1 ratio with the dollar, enabling easy global transactions. Like Tether, USDC offers stability, making it favorable for people trading in cryptocurrencies and conducting international transactions. The current price for One USDC price is $1.0 with a Market Cap of $25,083,530,396.

8. Cardano


The Cardano coin (ADA) joined cryptocurrencies later but got noticed for using proof-of-stake to speed up transactions and be eco-friendly. Unlike Bitcoin, it skips competitive verification. Like Ethereum, it supports smart contracts using ADA, its coin. The current price for One Cardona price is $0.53 with a Market Cap of $21,352,000,443.

9. Avalanche


The Avalanche coin is quick with transactions and having cheap fees. AVAX, its token, also has a good amount of money stored in decentralized finance. This total value locked (TVL) shows how much crypto is used in DeFi, indicating how popular crypto is and how much it’s being used in these systems. The current price for One Avalanche price is $36 with a Market Cap of $17,200,287,289.

10. Dogecoin


The Dogecoin coin began as a funny idea in 2013 but became popular because of its active community and funny memes. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, there’s no limit on making new Dogecoins, which might reduce its value over time as more are made. The current price for One Dogecoin price is $0.082 with a Market Cap of $13,223,582,675.

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