Tallest Building In Seattle Columbia Center: List Of Tallest Buildings

Tallest Building In Seattle

Seattle, a city known for its stunning skyline, boasts an array of impressive skyscrapers that define its urban landscape. Among these architectural marvels stands the Columbia Center, the tallest building in Seattle. In this article, we delve into the history and design features of Columbia Center, along with other notable skyscrapers that contribute to the iconic Seattle skyline.

Columbia Center

The Columbia Center, also known as the Columbia Tower, holds the title of the tallest building in Seattle. Standing proud in downtown Seattle, this skyscraper offers breathtaking views of the city and beyond from its observation deck.

History of Columbia Center

Constructed in Seattle, Columbia Center has a rich history dating back to its completion in the 1980s. The tower was designed to be a prominent fixture in the city’s skyline and has since become a symbol of Seattle’s architectural prowess.

Design Features of Columbia Center

The architectural design of Columbia Center is a testament to modern engineering and innovation. Its sleek glass facade and towering height make it a standout structure in the city. The office space within the building offers a prime location for businesses looking to establish a presence in downtown Seattle.

Observation Deck at Columbia Center

One of the key attractions of Columbia Center is its observation deck, which allows visitors to enjoy panoramic views of Seattle. From here, visitors can take in the city’s skyline, the surrounding mountains, and the vast expanse of the Puget Sound.

Seattle Municipal Tower

Another notable skyscraper in Seattle is the Seattle Municipal Tower. While not as tall as Columbia Center, this building plays a significant role in the city’s skyline and urban landscape.

Role of Seattle Municipal Tower in the City’s Skyline

The Seattle Municipal Tower contributes to the dynamic nature of Seattle’s skyline by offering a unique architectural aesthetic. Its presence adds depth and character to the cityscape, standing as a representation of Seattle’s growth and development.

Notable Features of Seattle Municipal Tower

The Seattle Municipal Tower is distinguished by its contemporary design and functional office spaces. The tower provides a hub for various city departments and services, serving as an important administrative center for the city of Seattle.

Comparison with Other Seattle Skyscrapers

When compared to other skyscrapers in Seattle, the Seattle Municipal Tower holds its own in terms of architectural significance and presence. Its impact on the skyline is undeniable, adding to the diverse skyline of Seattle.

Russell Investments Center

The Russell Investments Center is another architectural gem in Seattle, known for its unique design and prominent location in the city’s business district.

Architectural Design of Russell Investments Center

The Russell Investments Center stands out for its innovative architectural design, incorporating elements that set it apart from other buildings in Seattle. Its striking facade and modern features make it a standout structure in the city.

Tenant Profiles at Russell Investments Center

The Russell Investments Center houses a diverse range of tenants, including businesses and organizations that contribute to Seattle’s vibrant business environment. The presence of these tenants adds to the building’s significance within the city.

Connection to Seattle’s Business District

Located in Seattle’s bustling business district, the Russell Investments Center is strategically positioned to cater to the needs of the city’s business community. Its proximity to other key establishments makes it an ideal location for companies seeking office space in the heart of Seattle.

F5 Tower

The F5 Tower is a modern addition to Seattle’s skyline, making a notable impact with its contemporary design and state-of-the-art features.

Impact of F5 Tower on Seattle’s Skyline

Since its completion, the F5 Tower has altered the silhouette of Seattle’s skyline, introducing a new architectural style to the cityscape. Its towering presence and sleek design have made it a key landmark in downtown Seattle.

Modern Features of F5 Tower

The F5 Tower boasts modern amenities and features that cater to the needs of its occupants. From cutting-edge technology to sustainable design elements, the tower represents the future of skyscraper construction in Seattle.

Comparison with Other Tallest Buildings Under Construction

When compared to other tallest buildings under construction in Seattle, the F5 Tower stands out for its unique design elements and architectural innovation. Its contribution to the evolving skyline of Seattle is set to redefine the city’s urban landscape.

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Tallest Completed Buildings

Seattle is home to a number of completed tallest buildings that have shaped the city’s urban development and architectural identity over the years.

Overview of Completed Tallest Buildings in Seattle

From the iconic Space Needle to the historic Smith Tower, Seattle’s skyline is dotted with completed tallest buildings that showcase the city’s architectural diversity and heritage. These buildings have played a pivotal role in shaping Seattle’s urban landscape.

Architectural Highlights of Completed Tallest Buildings

The tallest completed buildings in Seattle feature a range of architectural styles, from Art Deco to contemporary glass structures. Each building tells a story of Seattle’s evolution as a city and its commitment to architectural excellence.

Significance in Seattle’s Urban Development

As symbols of progress and innovation, the tallest completed buildings in Seattle represent the city’s growth and development over the years. They serve as beacons of Seattle’s skyline, attracting visitors and residents alike to admire the beauty and grandeur of the city.

List Of Tallest Buildigs In Seattle

RankNameHight (Feet)FloorsCompleted
1Columbia Center937 ft761985
2Rainier Square Tower850 ft582021
31201 Third Avenue772 ft561988
4Two Union Square740 ft561989
5Seattle Municipal Tower722 ft621990
6F5 Tower660 ft432012
7Safeco Plaza630 ft501969
8US Bank Center606 ft441989
9Space Needle606 ft61962 
10Russell Investments Center598 ft422006
Top 10 Highest Buildings In Seattle In 2024

1. Columbia Center

Tallest Building In Seattle
Columbia Center: The Tallest Building Is Seattle
  • Name: Columbia Center
  • Height: 937 ft
  • Floors: 76
  • Year Built: 1985
  • Owner: Gaw Capital
  • Value: US$200 million (approx. $544 million in 2022 dollars)

The Columbia Center in downtown Seattle, Washington, is the tallest skyscraper in the seattle, at 284 meters since 1985. It was designed by the Seattle-based architecture firm Chester Lindsey Architects and used to be the tallest structure on the West Coast of the U.S.A. when it was built. This 76-floor office building includes retail stores, a library, a restaurant, a pub, and an observation deck called the Sky Observatory on the 73rd floor. 

2. Rainier Square Tower

Tallest Building In Seattle
Rainier Square Tower
  • Name: Rainier Square Tower
  • Height: 850 ft
  • Floors: 58
  • Year Built: 2021
  • Owner: Unico Properties
  • Value: $600 million (estimated)

Just north of downtown Seattle, you’ll find the second tallest building in the city – the Rainier Square Tower. It was constructed in 2021 and reaches a height of 850 feet, towering over 58 floors. This impressive building houses 734,000 square feet of office space and includes 189 luxury apartments. 

Residents and office occupants can enjoy breathtaking views of the greater Seattle area from this 64th-tallest building in the United States. The construction of this modern marvel, complete with the latest and finest amenities, came at an estimated cost of $600 million!

3. 1201 Third Avenue

Tallest Building In Seattle
1201 Third Avenue
  • Name: 1201 Avenue Tower
  • Height: 772 ft
  • Floors: 56
  • Year Built: 1988
  • Owner: Partnership of three companies
  • Value: $548.8 million

The 1201 Third Avenue Tower, or the Washington Mutual Tower, is Seattle’s first postmodern high-rise building. It served as the world headquarters for Washington Mutual Bank until the bank faced failure in 2008. Standing at a height of 235 meters with 55 stories, this tower became a part of Seattle’s skyline in 1988.

4. Two Union Square

Tallest Building In Seattle
Two Union Square
  • Name: Two Union Square
  • Height: 740 ft
  • Floors: 56
  • Year Built: 1989
  • Owner: Union Square 
  • Value: Estimated $700 million to $1 billion

Completed in 1989, Two Union Square proudly stands as the fourth tallest building in Seattle. Despite its height measuring 740 feet, slightly shorter than 1201 Third Avenue, this architectural marvel boasts an additional floor. The primary purpose of this towering structure is to provide office space, and interestingly, it also includes an underground section that connects seamlessly to the Seattle Hilton Hotel.

5. Seattle Municipal Tower

Tallest Building In Seattle
Seattle Municipal Tower
  • Name: Seattle Municipal Tower
  • Height: 722 ft
  • Floors: 62
  • Year Built: 1990
  • Owner: City of Seattle Government
  • Value: $124 million

Originally called the AT&T Gateway Tower and later named KeyBank Tower when AT&T and KeyBank were its main occupants, the Seattle Municipal Tower (S.M.T.) is a tall office building owned and used by the City of Seattle. It’s the fourth-tallest building in Seattle, towering 62 stories and 200 meters. The tower includes important city facilities like the Seattle Justice Center and City Hall. Built-in 1990, the City of Seattle bought it in 1996, making it the new headquarters for many city offices that moved from other locations nearby.

6. F5 Tower

F5 Tower
F5 Tower
  • Name: F5 Tower
  • Height: 660 ft
  • Floors: 43
  • Year Built: 2012
  • Owner: KKR
  • Value: $450 million

Downtown Seattle boasts another impressive skyscraper known as the F5 Tower. This tall structure serves a dual purpose—it functions as a luxury hotel and is the headquarters for F5 Networks, a cutting-edge global technology company. Standing tall at 660 feet with a total of 43 floors, the F5 Tower was the tallest building constructed in Seattle during the 2010s when it was completed in 2017.

7. Safeco Plaza

Safeco Plaza
Safeco Plaza
  • Name: Safeco Plaza
  • Height: 630 ft
  • Floors: 50
  • Year Built: 1969
  • Owner: Boston Properties
  • Value: Approximately $465 million

Once known as 1001 Fourth Avenue and the Seattle First National Bank Building, Safeco Plaza was the tallest structure in the Seattle skyline from 1969 to 1985 until the Columbia Center surpassed its height. Soaring 192 meters high, the Safeco building stands proudly on a plaza atop a granite base.

8. U.S. Bank Center

U.S. Bank centers
U.S. Bank centers
  • Name: U.S. Bank centers
  • Height: 606 ft
  • Floors: 44
  • Year Built: 1989
  • Owner: Chairman Joshua Green III
  • Value: $587 billion in assets

In the expansive network of U.S. Bank centers across the United States, the branch located in Seattle emerges as a particularly remarkable structure. Originally identified as the Pacific First Center, the U.S. Bank Center boasts an impressive height, standing tall at 606 feet. The architectural marvel encompasses a total of 44 floors dedicated to office space, symbolizing a physical presence in the city and a towering impact on its skyline.

9. Space Needle

Space Needle
Space Needle
  • Name: Space Needle
  • Height: 606 ft
  • Floors: 6
  • Year Built: 1962
  • Owner: The Wright family
  • Value: $46 million

The Space Needle is arguably the most iconic building in Seattle’s skyline. It holds a unique distinction compared to other structures listed here, as its primary purpose is to function as an observation tower. With just five floors housing a gift shop, restaurant, and observation area, the Space Needle is a captivating symbol of the city’s identity.

Constructed for the 1962 World Fair, the Space Needle held the title of the tallest building west of the Mississippi River at the time. Today, it remains the tallest observation tower in Washington and the fourth tallest in the entire United States.

10. Russell Investments Center

Russell Investments Center
Russell Investments Center
  • Name: Russell Investments Center
  • Height: 598 ft
  • Floors: 42
  • Year Built: 2006
  • Owner: CommonWealth Partners, CalPERS
  • Value: $480 million

Constructed in 2006, this 42-story high-rise initially bore the name WaMu Center, as it was intended to serve as the new headquarters for Washington Mutual (WaMu). However, with the financial downturn 2008 leading to WaMu’s failure and subsequent acquisition of its assets by JPMorgan Chase, the building underwent a renaming, now known as Chase Center.


What is the tallest building in Seattle?

The tallest building in Seattle is Columbia Center.

What are some other notable tall buildings in Seattle?

Some other notable tall buildings in Seattle include Seattle Municipal Tower, Russell Investments Center, and F5 Tower.

Is there an observation deck in Columbia Center?

Yes, Columbia Center has an observation deck offering panoramic views of downtown Seattle.

Are there any skyscrapers in Seattle with office space?

Yes, many skyscrapers in Seattle, including Columbia Center, offer office space for various businesses.

Which building is considered a landmark in Seattle’s skyline?

The Space Needle is considered a landmark in Seattle’s skyline.

What is the significance of Rainier Square Tower in Seattle’s architecture?

Rainier Square Tower is one of the tallest buildings under construction in Seattle and will contribute to the city’s evolving skyline.

How many of the 20 tallest buildings in Seattle are still under construction?

A few of the 20 tallest buildings in Seattle are still under construction, with Rainier Square Tower being one of them.

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