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Top 10 Pranks To Do At Home

Get ready for some laughter and surprises with our Top 10 Pranks To Do At Home. Whether you want to add fun to your day or plan a light-hearted trick for friends and family, these pranks will surely bring smiles. From gummy bear surprises to confetti showers, each prank is easy to pull off and guaranteed to create memorable moments. Let the giggles begin as we explore these playful and harmless tricks suitable for everyone.

Top 10 Pranks To Do At Home In 2024

1. The Gummy Bear Trap

Try the Gummy Bear Trap prank at home. Replace the gummy bears with something surprising, like small marshmallows or peas. You can even use hot sauce. See the surprise on someone’s face when they take a bite.

2. The Phone Glitter Bomb

Have some laughs with the Phone Glitter Bomb prank. Take an empty tissue box, fill it with confetti or glitter, and tape it to the back of your friend’s phone. Tilt the phone and enjoy the sparkly surprise shower when they pick up a call.

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3. The Reverse Oreo

Give the Reverse Oreo prank a shot. Open an Oreo, take out the creamy part, and replace it with toothpaste or wasabi. Offer it to someone, and see their surprise when they take a bite. Enjoy their reaction.

4. The Sticky Switch-a-Roo

Test the waters with the Sticky Switch-a-Roo prank and enjoy the surprise. Use double-sided tape on a remote control, phone, or cup. Stick it to a surface where your friend will reach. Watch the fun when they try to grab it. Enjoy the moment of surprise.

5. The Fake Spider

Give the Fake Spider prank a go. Put a plastic spider on a light or doorway where someone walks. Get ready for a guaranteed shriek. Just make sure it’s not too real for someone afraid of spiders. Have fun with the surprise.

6. The Upside-Down Room

Experiment with the Upside-Down Room prank for some amusement. Flip all the furniture and things upside down when your friend is away. When they come back, they’ll be surprised. Make sure to do it safely so nothing falls and causes harm. Enjoy their double-take moment.

7. The Confetti Shower

Experience the Confetti Shower prank. Fill a balloon with confetti and tape it above a doorway. When your friend walks through, pop the balloon with a pin. Enjoy watching them get showered in confetti. Have fun with this surprising moment.

8. The Singing Toothbrush

Try out the Singing Toothbrush prank and enjoy the sparkle. Change the batteries in your friend’s electric toothbrush with dead ones. When they brush, there’ll be silence instead of the usual sound. Enjoy the funny surprise moment. Have a good laugh.

9. Fake News Headline

Give the Fake News Headline prank a shot. Print a funny or outrageous fake news headline and stick it on your friend’s newspaper. See them do a double-take and have a good laugh at the absurdity. Enjoy the moment of surprise.

10. The Reverse Remote

Have some fun by trying out the Reverse Remote prank at home. Flip the batteries in someone’s remote control. Now, the buttons will do the opposite. Watch them get baffled, trying to turn up the volume but muttering the TV instead. Enjoy the fun of their confusion.

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